Grinding Wheel Making Machine

Grinding Wheel Making Machine

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Grinding Wheel Making Machine

The Grinding Wheel Making Machine is based on the digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology and experience, through unremitting efforts, innovation, the launch of the latest machine, automatic multi-position fiber reinforced resin cutting & grinding wheel press machine.
From the aspects of functionality, configuration and appearance of the machine made a large update, adapt to a wider range, can better meet the customer needs, it is your right choice.
Grinding Wheel Making Machine Technical Specification:
  • Structure: Through cylinder to push transverse and lengthways, to realize the stepped circular shift of moulds, each workstation operating mechanism do corresponding action to the moulds according to the technological requirements. Mould push in transverse and lengthways once, can forming one piece grinding wheel.
  • Use to pressing 150- 230 fiber reinforced resin cutting disc and grinding wheel (All European type).
  • Grinding wheel structure: ring+label+net+material+net+material+net+paper+ring.
  • Structure mode: 40 workstation single-mode cavity pushing type.
  • Hydraulic press is three beam four column hydraulic press, Up-down pressure head with heating function.
  • Control mode: Transistor PLC program automatic control.
  • Mould rotational speed: 30-80 revolutions per minute.
  • Scraper micro-lift: 0.5mm-3.0mm.
  • Working beat: 9-12 Second per grinding wheel.
  • Capacity: 2400-3200 pcs / 8 hours.
  • Grinding wheel parallelism: ±0.05mm
  • Installed power: 26KW
  • Total weight: 6500kg.