Full Automatic Flap Disc Machine

Full Automatic Flap Disc Machine
Product Description

Full Automatic Flap Disc Machine


Full automatic flap disc machineTechnical data:

Electric Plant Characteristics:

*Installed Power:4KW + 1.5KW ( Dust)+2.5kw(Heating)

*Voltage: 380V( indicated on the electric board)

*Auxiliary Voltage: 24V


Production Performances:

*Disc Size: Diameters: 100, 115, 125, 150, 180mm

*Flap Size: Width: 20-40mm, Length: 15-28mm

Production efficiency: 12pcs flap discs (single-flap 115*22*72 flaps disc) per minute

Full automatic flap disc machineMachine Data:

*Stations of Rotary Plate: 12

*Electrical Power Supply: 380 V/50-60HZ

*Air Consumption: 100 litres/min

*Glue Pump: 280kg / 30kg

*Flap disc type: T27, T29

Flap disc surface: Conventional Disc, Double Same Cloth Disc, Double Different Cloth Disc, Long & short cloth Disc.

*Backing: Fibreglass, Plastic, Nylon, Metal

*Backing Disc Size: 70~170 m

*Flap Disc Size: 100~180mm

*Flap Size (W x L): 20~40 x 15~25mm

*Max. Backing Capacity : 1200 pcs

*Max. Disc Capacity: 50pcs

Technical Specification

Stations of Rotary Plate


Glue Pump

280kgs / 30kgs

Electrical Power Supply


Air Consumption:

100 litres/min

Product Data

Flap Disc Type


Flap Disc Surface

Conventional Disc, Double Same Cloth Disc, Flexible Disc

Flap Disc Backing

Fibreglass, Plastic, Nylon, Metal

Backing Size


Flap Disc Size


Flap Size


Glue Consumption per Flap Disc

100 mm / 4”  Flap Disc

5~8 g

115 mm /4.5” Flap Disc

8~12 g

125 mm / 5” Flap Disc

12~16 g

180 mm / 7” Flap Disc

20~30 g

Flaps on Each Flap Disc



2600 x 19000 x2000(H)mm without glue pump


4100 x 19000 x2000(H)mm  with glue pump


1060kg  without glue pump


1300kg  with glue pump

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